Responsibilities of the clinic host:

  • Securing a facility
  • Selecting the content and format for the clinic
  • Scheduling the participants
  • Emailing each participant the My Horse My Journey information sheet and forwarding to clinician 
  • Collecting the clinic fee

We have several different formats to choose from. One, two or three day options are available. Private sessions as well as group formats are offered. Depending on the format chosen and the related expenses of the clinic, the clinic fee will range between $80.00 and $300.00 per person.

My Horse My Journey is a partnership and we need each other to succeed. 20% of the net income earned from each clinic will be paid to you the clinic host.

Clinic topic examples:

  • Get connected with your horse
  • Do the math follow the path trail
  • Fly through those lead changes
  • Perfect your horsemanship skills
  • Shine up your showmanship
  • Trail one obstacle at a time

Each person attending will receive a Journey Journal with tips and patterns to keep practicing.

Contact us to set up your clinic. We look forward to our journey together!

It's more than a clinic, it's a journey!

We would like to invite you to partner with My Horse My Journey for the purpose of enriching the training program for your customers, friends and their horses.

To become an excellent horseman it is imperative to develop the three dimensions: body, mind and spirit. With the tools learned in the My Horse My Journey Clinics, riders will learn a positive approach to becoming the best horsemen they can be. My Horse My Journey is a continuing education program that uses multi-dimensional teaching techniques to enrich and enhance the relationship between the horse and rider.

How to Host a Clinic