What is a My Horse My Journey Clinic?

The My Horse My Journey Clinic was designed with you in mind. The clinics are designed as a continuing education course for the horse and rider. Our intention is to invest in you and your horse's journey by providing the tools needed to succeed.  The first clinic is the beginning of the journey.

Each clinic will be tailored to meet the needs of each  group of riders. We are able to achieve this by working with the host of your clinic. The foundation of each clinic will utilize a multi-dimensional approach. By incorporating the three dimensional approach of body (physical), mind (mental) and spirit, you will discover a higher level of not only skill but understanding. Each time you participate in a clinic, you will have the opportunity to learn a building block and continue laying down your horses foundational education.

The first clinic you attend with your horse you will receive your Journey Journal. The Journey Journal will have valuable information you can use after the clinic to help you with your journey. The Journey Journal includes a goal sheet, tips, exercises, patterns and the mental tool box. The mental tool box gives you specific tools to help you improve your processing and coping skills which will help you become a better connected rider. Each additional clinic will have additional information to be added to your Journey Journal.

Learn About Attending a Clinic

How do I sign up for a clinic?

To sign up for a clinic, check out the list of our upcoming clinics. Contact the host of the clinic and reserve your spot. It's that easy! If we do not have a clinic in your area, you can host your own clinic! For details on how to host a clinic

How are the My Horse My Journey Clinics different than other clinics?

The My Horse My Journey Clinics are designed to supplement and be an asset to your trainers program. For those of you who train on your own, the My Horse My Journey Clinic is designed to support you on your journey with your horse, even after the clinic! After attending a clinic if you have a question concerning your horse or anything in your Journey Journal send an email or text us with your questions.

My Horse My Journey Gives Back!

Each time a clinic is held, 10% of the proceeds will be given to a non-profit organization or charity.